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‘Otto Neumann: Modern Degenerate’ Shows an Artist Struggling Through the Hopelessness of 20th Century Germany

This article was originally published by the Chicago Reader on January 26, 2018, and was written by Dmitry Samarov. Otto Neumann (1895-1975) survived conscription into the German army during World War I, persecution by the Nazis, and the suicide of his only child, and while none of those cataclysmic events appear directly in his many drawings, […]

Ann Long Fine Art and Otto Neumann in Art & Antiques Jan. 2005

In the January 2005 issue of Art & Antiques Magazine we see an advertisement for the Ann Long Fine Art gallery of Charleston, South Carolina, featuring the work of Otto Neumann. Ann Long Fine Art continues to feature the works of Otto Neumann to this day, and their current features can be found here.

Otto Neumann’s work Celebrated in “Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Inferno” at Gahlberg Gallery

From January 4 to February 4 of 1999, the Gahlberg Gallery at McAninch Arts Center in Glen Ellyn, Illinois hosted an exhibit titled “Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Inferno” curated by David Sokol, with assistance from Holly Beth Ulasovich. This exhibit explored the best-know portion of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Inferno, and its influence on a number […]

“Otto Neuman: A Rediscovered Artist” at the Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa, Florida hosted an exhibit titled “Otto Neumann: A Rediscovered Artist” from November 15, 1987 to January 10, 1988. The exhibit featured text from Stephen P. Breslow and David M. Sokol. Below are some images from that exhibit. The Tampa Museum of Art now hosts a permanent Otto Neumann […]