Author: Doug Rothschild

‘Otto Neumann: Modern Degenerate’ Shows an Artist Struggling Through the Hopelessness of 20th Century Germany

This article was originally published by the Chicago Reader on January 26, 2018, and was written by Dmitry Samarov. Otto Neumann (1895-1975) survived conscription into the German army during World War I, persecution by the Nazis, and the suicide of his only child, and while none of those cataclysmic events appear directly in his many drawings, […]

How Otto Neumann Created Monotypes

Otto Neumann created his monotypes using a variety of materials on which to spread his inks, though his great favorite in the last decade or so of his long career was a sheet of glass. No matter what the material of the plate was, he spread his inks on it. Then, he placed the paper […]