Otto Neumann’s Art Makes Appearance in Architectural Digest Feb. 2008

The art of Otto Neumann has made an appearance in the February 2008 issue of Architectural Digest. The issue includes an article titled “Dancing in Charleston – The Top Floors of a Onetime Bank Become a Tranquil Aerie”, with Architecture and Interior Design by Monique Gibson, Text by Susan Sheehan, and After Photography by Jeff Herr. In this article, on page 190, we see a glimpse of a pair of Nuemann pieces adorning the seating area near a fireplace. The caption reads:

Two 1960s works by Otto Neumann hang in the living room. An Hervé Van der Straeten mirror, from Maison Gerard, is above the fireplace, near three Axel Salto vases, from Bernd Goeckler. Chesney’s fireplace surround. Beauvais carpet.